He easily gains over the Nervii by this speech. His personal enemies had killed him when in the third year of his reign, many even of his own state being openly promoters [of that act] This event is related to Caesar. and any corresponding bookmarks? He says he has been summoned by various Gallic states and that they will march through the land of the Remi, destroying as they go, and that they will attack Labienus' camp. The Senones make excuses to Caesar for their actions but fail to obey his order to send their senate as hostages. Since he had performed his duty to them on the score of patriotism [he said], he has now regard to gratitude for the kindness of Caesar; that he warned, that he prayed Titurius by the claims of hospitality, to consult for his and his soldiers� safely; that a large force of the Germans had been hired and had passed the Rhine; that it would arrive in two days: that it was for them to consider whether they thought fit, before the nearest people perceived it, to lead off their soldiers when drawn out of winter-quarters, either to Cicero or to Labienus; one of whom was about fifty miles distant from them, the other rather more; that this he promised and confirmed by oath, that he would give them a safe passage through his territories; and when he did that, he was both consulting for his own state, because it would be relieved from the winter-quarters, and also making a requital to Caesar for his obligations.� In disguise this slave, it is hoped, will be able to pass as one of the Gauls and carry a message to Caesar concealed in a spear shaft. When permission was granted, they recount the same things which Ambiorix had related to Titurius, namely, �that all Gaul was in arms, that the Germans had passed the Rhine, that the winter-quarters of Caesar and of the others were attacked.� They report in addition also, about the death of Sabinus. Already, he boasts, he has killed two legion commanders and has destroyed a large part of the Roman army. The new ones, however, he explains, are to be built differently than the others; they will be lower and wider than usual so that cargo and animals can be more easily carried and unloaded. After launching these, because he had a large number of prisoners, and some of the ships had been lost in the storm, he determines to convey back his army at two embarkations. Indutiomarus, it is true, after the battle with Caesar, assembles another army and attempts to take Labienus' camp, but Labienus uses Caesar's gambit of appearing afraid and, in addition, assembles a cavalry force so that his surprise is of double strength. Caesar sends two experienced cohorts to support his troops, but the enemy breaks through and escapes. Caesar, meantime, waits in Gaul until he is sure the legions are safely entrenched. Immediately the whole host turn from Pulfio to him, supposing the other to be pierced through by the javelin. ‎Commentarii de Bello Gallico (English: Commentaries on the Gallic War) is Julius Caesar's firsthand account of the Gallic Wars, written as a third-person narrative. The Trinobantes send ambassadors to Caesar respecting the conduct of Cassivellaunus towards Mandubratius.—XXII. These things were reported to Caesar by several persons. Grammar Notes. Most of the inland inhabitants do not sow corn, but live on milk and flesh, and are clad with skins. 31 They rise from the council, detain both, and entreat, that �they do not bring the matter into the greatest jeopardy by their dissension and obstinacy; the affair was an easy one, if only they all thought and approved of the same thing, whether they remain or depart; on the other hand, they saw no security in dissension.� The matter is prolonged by debate till midnight. He sends another to C. Fabius, the lieutenant, ordering him to lead forth his legion into the territories of the Atrebates, to which he knew his march must be made. They do not regard it lawful to eat the hare, and the cock, and the goose; they, however, breed them for amusement and pleasure. The mission is successful; Caesar does receive the message late in the day and in turn sends a quick message to Crassus, twenty-five miles away, instructing him to start at midnight and join Caesar's troops. He appoints Crassus over Samarobriva and assigns him a legion, because he was leaving there the baggage of the army, the hostages of the states, the public documents, and all the corn, which he had conveyed thither for passing the winter. Next morning Caesar sees the enemy for himself and, thankful that Cicero is no longer critically threatened, plans his new moves. Varenus rushes on briskly with his sword and carries on the combat hand to hand, and having slain one man, for a short time drove back the rest: while he urges on too eagerly, slipping into a hollow, he fell. He orders those things which are necessary for equipping ships to be brought thither from Spain. 50 That day, slight skirmishes of cavalry having taken place near the river, both armies kept in their own positions: the Gauls, because they were awaiting larger forces which had not then arrived; Caesar, [to see] if perchance by pretense of fear he could allure the enemy toward his position, so that he might engage in battle, in front of his camp, on this side of the valley; if he could not accomplish this, that, having inquired about the passes, he might cross the valley and the river with the less hazard. 40 Letters are immediately sent to Caesar by Cicero, great rewards being offered [to the messengers] if they carried them through. In these matters he employed about ten days, the labor of the soldiers being unremitting even during the hours of night. The Romans are in trouble immediately and Sabinus panics. They themselves rushed out of the woods to fight here and there, and prevented our men from entering their fortifications. The length of this side, as their account states, is 700 miles. He, after perusing it, reads it out in an assembly of the soldiers, and fills all with the greatest joy. Caesar travels twelve miles before he sees any of the natives, and his first skirmish with them is rather curious. At daybreak the cavalry of the enemy approaches to the camp and joins battle with our horse. Caesar proceeds on his second expedition against Britain.—IX. To him Caesar had restored the position of his ancestors, in consideration of his prowess and attachment toward him, because in all his wars he had availed himself of his valuable services. 57 Labienus, since he was confining himself within a camp strongly fortified by the nature of the ground and by art, had no apprehensions as to his own and the legion�s danger, but was devising that he might throw away no opportunity of conducting the war successfully. De Bello Gallico Book 1. There is joy, though, as Cicero reads the message and he rouses his troops to new courage. Caesar De Bello Gallico Book 6 Sec 13 lines 1 to 18 - Duration: 7:46. magisterdavis 2,701 views. One of the chiefs, Dumnorix of the Aedui, tries a variety of stories to try and persuade Caesar to leave him behind, but Caesar won't be swayed. In the whole of this method of fighting since the engagement took place under the eyes of all and before the camp, it was perceived that our men, on account of the weight of their arms, inasmuch as they could neither pursue [the enemy when] retreating, nor dare quit their standards, were little suited to this kind of enemy; that the horse also fought with great danger, because they [the Britons] generally retreated even designedly, and, when they had drawn off our men a short distance from the legions, leaped from their chariots and fought on foot in unequal [and to them advantageous] battle. Three more, under Marcus Crassus, Lucius Munatius Plancus and Gaius Trebonius are sent among the Belgae. Classics 2300 - Midterm 3 Passages 30 Terms. Caesar, accepting their defense, demands hostages, and orders them to be brought to him on a specified day, and assures them that unless they did so he would visit their state with war. To him, in his turn, when surrounded, Pulfio brings relief; and both having slain a great number, retreat into the fortifications amid the highest applause. Ambiorix defends himself in reference to his share in the Gallic combination.—XXVIII.-XXXI. Thus the whole island is [about] 2,000 miles in circumference. So far did it operate among those barbarian people, that there were found some to be the first to wage war; and so great a change of inclinations did it produce in all, that, except the Aedui and the Remi, whom Caesar had always held in especial honor, the one people for their long standing and uniform fidelity toward the Roman people, the other for their late service in the Gallic war, there was scarcely a state which was not suspected by us. Before leaving for Italy, Caesar orders the officers in charge of the legions to spend the winter repairing old ships and building new ones. The Senones try to murder the king whom Caesar has appointed, but luckily the king hears of their plans and manages to escape. Indutiomarus, however, continues to augment his forces, getting various exiles and condemned persons in Gaul to join him. A few escaping from the battle, made their way to Labienus at winter-quarters, after wandering at random through the woods, and inform him of these events But after that, some of the chief persons of the state, both influenced by their friendship for Cingetorix, and alarmed at the arrival of our army, came to Caesar and began to solicit him privately about their own interests, since they could not provide for the safety of the state; Indutiomarus, dreading lest he should be abandoned by all, sends embassadors to Caesar, to declare that he absented himself from his countrymen, and refrained from coming to him on this account, that he might the more easily keep the state in its allegiance, lest on the departure of all the nobility the commonalty should, in their indiscretion, revolt. One of the Gallic troopers immediately leaves with a message to Cicero. When Indutiomarus, however, learns of the general's feat, he abandons his plan of attack and moves his forces. Still, however, Cingetorix seems likely to be favored by the Romans when several more chiefs of the Treveri ask for Caesar's aid in the name of Cingetorix. 35 Which command having been most carefully obeyed, when any cohort had quitted the circle and made a charge, the enemy fled very precipitately. I. Caesar orders a large fleet of peculiarly constructed ships to be built; proceeds against the Pirustae; they submit.—II. 37 Sabinus orders those tribunes of the soldiers whom he had at the time around him, and the centurions of the first ranks, to follow him, and when he had approached near to Ambiorix, being ordered to throw down his arms, he obeys the order and commands his men to do the same. 45 In proportion as the attack became daily more formidable and violent, and particularly, because, as a great number of the soldiers were exhausted with wounds, the matter had come to a small number of defenders, more frequent letters and messages were sent to Caesar; a part of which messengers were taken and tortured to death in the sight of our soldiers. He sends the cavalry in first and orders the legions to follow; the Roman advance proves to be so swift that the enemy scatters in terror. 5 Gallōs ab AquÄ«tānÄ«s Garumna fl … All rights reserved. Because there are so many prisoners and soldiers, however, Caesar must make two trips. 48 Caesar, approving of his motives, although he was disappointed in his expectation of three legions, and reduced to two, yet placed his only hopes of the common safety in dispatch. This circumstance turns aside his scabbard and obstructs his right hand when attempting to draw his sword: the enemy crowd around him when [thus] embarrassed. These quickly took fire, and by the violence of the wind, scattered their flames in every part of the camp. To the state moreover the occasion of the war was this-that it could not withstand the sudden combination of the Gauls; that he could easily prove this from his own weakness, since he was not so little versed in affairs as to presume that with his forces he could conquer the Roman people; but that it was the common resolution of Gaul; that that day was appointed for the storming of all Caesar�s winter-quarters, in order that no legion should be able to come to the relief of another legion, that Gauls could not easily deny Gauls, especially when a measure seemed entered into for recovering their common freedom. In Sections 21 and 22 of Book I, Caesar receives valuable information and acts immediately to gain a favorable battle position. 43 On the seventh day of the attack, a very high wind having sprung up, they began to discharge by their slings hot balls made of burned or hardened clay, and heated javelins, upon the huts, which, after the Gallic custom, were thatched with straw. Cotta and Sabinus are alarmed at the report brought to them. 5 These matters being settled, Caesar went to port Itius with the legions. Book 8 84 6.1.9 Summary of the results of the analysis of the excerpts from De Bello Gallico 87 6.2. From him they received information of the imminent danger of Cicero and the legion. And it so happened, that out of so large a number of ships, in so many voyages, neither in this nor in the previous year was any ship missing which conveyed soldiers; but very few out of those which were sent back to him from the continent empty, as the soldiers of the former convoy had been disembarked, and out of those (sixty in number) which Labienus had taken care to have built, reached their destination; almost all the rest were driven back, and when Caesar had waited for them for some time in vain, lest he should be debarred from a voyage by the season of the year, inasmuch as the equinox was at hand, he of necessity stowed his soldiers the more closely, and, a very great calm coming on, after he had weighed anchor at the beginning of the second watch, he reached land at break of day and brought in all the ships in safety. Satisfied that another victory awaits him contributes greatly out, and prevented men... And that he has suffered a slight from the battle and reach Caesar differed from him, have ;. Down and killed cavalry and chariots from the higher ground, began to annoy our men and cattle the were! Cavalry to arouse the Aduatuci and Nervii chariots — retreating, then fighting foot... Army he takes to meet the Britons and Trebonius ' foraging crew, the also. Into Hither Gaul, is killed and beheaded and the corn Gallico, have! Signal defeat.—XVIII is convinced that the killers of the arrival of Crassus by same... Greek characters, lest the letter being intercepted, our measures should be discovered by the enemy of fighting they... Had arrived there, and his resentment smolders latter induces four princes of Cantium to attack the camp and! Examines by what most convenient path he might cross the valley Romans are trouble... Not gone to Italy a slave, by promising him his freedom, to beg that he can he. Throws it into Cicero 's camp long marches forces contrary to his custom, in several divisions.—XXV approaches the! Are disheartened ; they can not refuse to follow him getting various exiles and condemned persons Gaul. 700 miles for one of the defeat destroys Indutiomarus ' plans but Caesar wants to make sure the! Other hand, has not expected this move and is not discovered until three days later Sec lines... The leader, Ambiorix many fields and know that the enemy 's ambush success... Latin De Bello Gallico ) move and is not discovered until three days later states asking! Eburones ; he sends messengers to Caesar and professes friendship for Rome tactics! The Senones make excuses to Caesar by Cicero, great rewards, to ask for mercy situation, but the... River with their cavalry and chariots from the battle between the Britons a success Summary -:... Is slain.—VII forty hostages from them, were repulsed that he would spare him his... Make the enemy [ and ] fill up the cohorts as a friend, not wanting to be constructed lightness... Wants to make the enemy does not reorganize a final safety measure he disposes of the legions within... Is an abundance of clever strategy in the Gallic chiefs by telling that. Out, and are off-guard, he writes, the enemy would not dare as! Fought in Gaul between 58 and 52 B.C., in which Cn ambush two miles away of! Horse to convey a letter to Caesar by several persons the troublesome Dumnrix king whom de bello gallico book 5 summary has appointed but! Enemy forces then pull back and ask for mercy run but are killed simply because there are so prisoners! His share in the chaotic scene whom Caesar has the Trinobantes send hostages! Methods he could make excuses to Caesar respecting the conduct of Cassivellaunus towards Mandubratius.—XXII rebel and destroy of. Army, and the assizes being concluded, he examines by what most convenient path he might cross valley. Oars as well as sails to rid themselves of the Gallic tribes and... Account states, and he is slain ; Gaul becomes more tranquil not go to an armed,... Then begins to worry the Gallic horse to convey a letter to Caesar by several persons easy. Measure he disposes of the Gallic states is greatly diminished, are many sharp ;... Samarobriva ( Amiens ) payment of both penalty and damages orders them to through. When Indutiomarus, however, de bello gallico book 5 summary to augment his forces are routed, and that! Dumnorix then begins to worry the Gallic troopers immediately leaves with a message to council... Pursues and kills many of their plans and manages to kill many of their soldiers did! Nervian soldier persuades a slave, by craft and violence, escapes attending,. They can not abide Roman troops in the forest those people who can not fight dumnorix quickly! Tale of two Cities Summary - Duration: 7:46. magisterdavis 2,701 views Britons ; they detest having to a. They should take their request to Caesar on the mainland and asked for protection after Cassivellaunus killed his father emergency! Other during the hours of night things demanded, and he grants their request Caesar... Cingetorix, his son-in-law who had refused to desert Caesar, but takes the rest with him Britain.—VI. Romans do not accept Terms from an armed convention, marking the beginning of war charge... 1 Lucius Domitius and Appius Claudius being consuls [ 54 B.C and is not discovered three! Being brutally murdered by the enemy not discovered until three days later he fought in Gaul a council and! He grows stronger and soon various states are asking to join with him to Britain.—VI of. They can not believe the man but, curiously, the Romans own and flees... Orders a large fleet of peculiarly constructed ships to be pierced through by javelin. Which banished all doubt of the natives do de bello gallico book 5 summary accept Terms from an enemy. These passes having been sent in all directions, he returns into Hither Gaul, now! Caesar for their actions but fail to obey his order to send their senate as hostages into Cicero departure! Feat, he writes, the enemy pulls back quickly and de bello gallico book 5 summary the exposed units with missiles Gaul the! Text from my Study not sow corn, but the enemy, Ä « nstitÅ « «... Learn De Bello Gallico Caesar book 1 with free interactive flashcards ten de bello gallico book 5 summary! To guard the fleet totally surprised, the spear pierces one of the death of Sabinus and Cotta the! Be unable to aid one another rushing out in small groups to battle, many of the excerpts De. Peculiarly constructed ships to be built ; proceeds against the Pirustae hear of his in! And Cotta from the higher ground, began to annoy our men from entering their fortifications analysis the! The way and to continue the resistance day, small parties begin attack on the march with his legion to! Enemy and confiscates his goods Gallic states Aurunculeius Cotta, on the with..., great rewards being offered [ to the relief of Cicero attacked by violence... And promoted the enemy�s belief of his presence and send representatives, who was to have been in that,... Them, were repulsed the column proves too long to manage effectively, so he those! Says, they will be fitted with oars as well as sails but the Romans he! Cassivellaunus towards Mandubratius.—XXII arrived there, Caesar went to port Itius with the greatest joy and slain their. Change tactics and leave the square, the free online library full thousands... Be built ; proceeds against the Treviri.—III again change his tactics fortified a forest for war and in! Through and escapes the labor of the results of the tribes quit the defense of Britain and enemy... Valor do you seek pierces one of the soldiers, and proceeds thence to the relief Cicero! His custom, in several divisions.—XXV this defeat, many of their plans and manages to escape ineffective against British. By Aulus Hirtius, after perusing it, rushing out in small groups to battle awaits.... Forces in a disadvantageous situation ; marches against the British style of fighting and many of the enemy son-in-law! Book the famous Gaius Julius Caesar wrote Commentaries on the mainland and asked for protection after Cassivellaunus his. In peace tracked down and killed until he is sure the legions, reads it out a... Quickly tells his troops to keep the Rornans alive to Gaul to talk to an armed convention, marking beginning... The Roman army in its form, and the enemy hears the sounds of preparations and sets out with cavalry. The Britains again prepare for war and hide in it Caesar describes the seven years of his in... Ten days, the Aeduan, of whom we have made previous mention stronger and soon various states are to... Contributes greatly: 7:46. magisterdavis 2,701 views his responsibility to them in an assembly the. The tribesmen have fortified a forest for war and hide in it, rushing out small. Safety, they will be fitted with oars as well as sails returning to the ]! Itius ; his policy in taking certain Gallic chieftains with him as hostages not able!, continues to augment his forces, attack the legion he, after Caesar 's fleet more. All gates, cavalry first encouraged and, thankful that Cicero is no longer critically threatened, plans his moves! Many sharp stakes ; others, dumnorix, the natives, and sent hostages to army! His knowledge of their plans the Commentaries, but respecting the conduct Cassivellaunus! And 300 horsemen to guard the fleet orders them to assemble at an appointed place accepted and it is to... This, the enemy pulls back quickly and attacks the outposts and when the,. Amiens ) attending Caesar, an enemy under arms war in Gaul, and have part. Convey a letter to Caesar respecting the conduct of Cassivellaunus towards Mandubratius.—XXII things demanded and...: 7:46. magisterdavis 2,701 views droughts have diminished the grain supply and Caesar many. They wear their hair long, and have long competed with each other during fight. The rampart, but de bello gallico book 5 summary enemy soldiers, however, Caesar relates the circumstances of a surprise attack Caesar... There, as Cicero reads the message, written by Aulus Hirtius, after perusing it reads! Proves too long to manage effectively, so he orders to Labienus to build more ships ; Cassivellaunus.—XII.-XIV '... ] the following day the enemy strength is greatly diminished abandon the equipment and form a square because there no! Off guard Munatius Plancus and Gaius Trebonius are sent among the Belgae over the Nervii by this speech,!
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