To make Griffon’s Elixir, you need 1 Griffon’s Claw, 2 Sinner’s Blood, 3 Purified Water, 6 Cedar Sap, and 3 Trace of Battle. Ferry’s come and stop every 10 minutes or so at the wharf in Velia town. Goal: Learn about this pas on Iliya Island. You need a "Sailor Contract Certificate" to hire sailors. The ferry passes many islands that are great for fishing and exploring. Accessing the Guild Menu The guild menu can be accessed with the button "G", on your keyboard. View more information about this place. The Griffon’s Helmet has the same base DP as Giath’s Helmet, but has different item effects. The last item you can loot from Griffons is the Griffon’s Helmet, a boss item. It can also be crafted from 3x HP Potion (Medium) with Simple Alchemy (Processing). BDO Branch - Ilaya is located at 1049 Ilaya St, Divisoria, City of Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines and classified as banks/branches. Points Covered: General Accessing the Guild Menu Guild Funds Guild Experience Guild Missions General In the "General" section of this page, you can find general information regarding guilds. Iliya Island 2-1 * Velia 4 * Heidel 8-3 ** Heidel 6-2 2F *** Heidel 7-3 2F *** Heidel 7-5 **** They transport you Iliya Island and you can jump off at any time. The amount of Max HP increased for Conquest Wars at Balenos, Serendia, Calpheon, Mediah, and Valencia Territory was increased from 500 to 5,000. If you don’t use a Traveller’s Map, you can either take a boat to the island, or use the flying Griffon in Velia to take your there by simply jumping onto the crate. But refrain from jumping off the ferry because without a dock, it is extremely hard to catch the ferry again once it comes back around. The Sailor Contract Certificate can be purchased from 3,000,000 Silver from "Philaberto Falasi" at Port Epheria, "Islin Bartali" at Velia Inn, and "Proix" at Dancing Marlin Tavern. For the last chapter of the 3rd book, you will need to travel to Illya Island, and speak with Diega, the Chief, in order to accept the Quest “Caphras’ Lady”. This will open up general guild information including important notices,… 1 Description 2 How to obtain 2.1 Sold by 3 References Ordinary potion.1 Can be obtained through quests and bought from general goods and alchemy vendors. Travel with scenic views via griffon from Velia to Iliya Island. E.g. Iliya Island is quite close to the town of Velia, close enough to see Cron Castle. You can hire sailors who are located at Lunar Halo Inn in Velia, the coast of Port Epheria, and Iliya Island. Elixir of Swiftness / Elixir of Intrepid Swiftness – This is good choice if you don’t use the Fortuna Set because movement speed also effects how fast you swim underwater. Reward: 10 x Caphras Stone. The Griffon will depart 3 … Ahib Griffon. Yiscule (Cox Pirate Island Blacksmith) Dichzy Borne (Lema Island Node Manager) Francis (Lema Island General Goods Vendor) Lindby (Iliya Island Stable Keeper) Bolhi (Lema Island Wharf Manager) Dario (Otter Fisher) Maonil (Iliya Island Resident) Baori (Iliya Island Resident) Lillia (Island Rose) Diega (Chief of Iliya Island) Iliya Island Edit. Most of the island is mountainous and it is not easy to bring reinforcements from the inland, so everyone on guard here is a Vigilante. The Max HP will now be reduced by 500 each time when occupying each territory in succession. Travel to Iliya Island (Max Stamina +5) In this timed quest you must go to Iliya Island and speak to Diega. Please stay tuned for further announcement on Dark Rift Contraction/Expansion periods. Iliya Island 1-1 Iliya Island 1-2 Iliya Island 2-1 Iliya Island 2-2 Iliya Island 3 Iliya Island 4-1 Iliya Island 4-2 Iliya Island 5 Iliya Island 6-1 Iliya Island 6-2 By Use of Property Edit * = How many Levels/Stars Armor Workshop Edit.

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