NG PAM (AR) 37-1. effective by evaluating them against the requirements of DA Pam 385-10, paragraphs 5-5c (7)-(14). Five Year Training Devices Plan, FY 87-91. ar 385-14. transportation accident prevention and emergency response involving conventional munitions and explosivesclick here to download from apd 30 Oct 2015. (c) Receive and display reader board information on JBLM Main and McChord Field to advertise the JBSE. NGB PAM 350-12. For publication of regulation, the proponent will execute the staffing coordination process with agencies affected by the regulation and obtain a legal review prior to CofS' approval IAW AR 25-30 and AK Pam 25-50. The Army Radiation Safety Program. Motor vehicle accident prevention. Implementation of DA Pam 385–61 is mandatory. For ordering publications thru on-line, units will complete DA Form 12 and submit to Ms. Kim, at Mishap Risk Management. DA Pam 385-24. (d) Ensure tables, chairs, tents, and trash cans are available … NG PAM 40-11. DA Pam 385-40. NGB PAM 350-6. DA Pam 385-30. 01 Aug 1988. DA Pam 385-24 The Army Radiation Safety Program . 05 Oct 1987. AMC Publications . ARNG Occupational Health Program. ... DA Pam 385-16. *This regulation supersedes AR 40-14, 30 June 1995; AR 40-46, 15 November 1974; AR 385-9, 1 April 1982; and AR 385-11, dated 1 May 1980 AR 11-9 l 28 May 1999 1 Headquarters Department of the Army Washington, DC 28 May 1999 *Army Regulation 11-9 Effective 29 June 1999 Army Programs The Army Radiation Safety Program History. Competitive Marksmanship. DA Pam 385-11 Army Guidelines for Safety Color Codes, Signs, Tags, and Markings . Personnel • 2–11, page 9 Chapter 3 Physical Security Planning, page 10 General • 3–1, page 10 Coordination • 3–2, page 11 Contingency plans • 3–3, page 11 Security threats • 3–4, page 11 Implementation of physical security planning • 3–5, page 12 Intrusion Detection System • 3–6, page 12 Use of Army National Guard Aircraft. Record titles and descriptions are on the Army Records Information Management System website at The U.S. Army Materiel Command Office of Public and Congressional Affairs is responsible for a variety of publications that highlight the activities of the workforce around the globe, how the organization and its major subordinate commands support the warfighter, and how working with partners in government, industry and academia can provide dominant land force capabilities. 04 Nov 2011. AE Pam 385-15 13 Nov 20 Records Management. Financial Management Guide for National Guard Executives. DA Pam 385-61. 15 Sep 1999. Supplementation. NG PAM 95-5. b. DA Pam 385–61 contains technical safety and health requirements for operations involving chemical agents and associated weapons systems. Army Accident Investigation and Reporting . DA Pam 385-25 Occupational Dosimetry and Dose Recording for Exposure to Ionizing Radiation . System Safety Management Guide. Chapter 12 of DA Pam 385-61 will apply to training at the chemical defense training facility at the U.S Army Chemical School, Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. DA Pam 385-10 The Army Safety Program . DA Pam 385-16 System Safety Management Guide . Records created as a result of processes prescribed by this pamphlet must be identified, maintained, and disposed of according to AR 25-400-2. 3-11. Improved conventional munitions • 11–8, page 64 Field artillery trainer • 11–9, page 65 Multiple launch rocket system (MLRS) • 11–10, page 69 Toxic Chemical Agent Safety Standards.

da pam 385 11

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