Cloud computing companies will need to find ways to protect client privacy. Too expensive B. Start studying CLOUD COMPUTING: QUIZ ONE. This is also a concern for the organisation with regards to the company's information being ... Not knowing the whereabouts of one's data is a concern. You no longer require building on premise infrastructures which can be slow and expensive. Security is the number one concern, as organizations move beyond “curiosity about the cloud to actual deployment,” Gigaom Research analyst George Crump, was quoted in a joint press release. Several different models, types, and services have evolved to help offer the right solution for your needs. a) IaaS b) CaaS c) PaaS d) All of the mentioned 10. Security concerns 3 Which of these companies is not a leader in cloud computing? You can scale your needs up or down as required, benefiting for … 8 Common Risks of Cloud Computing. You can take on huge amounts of it without consequence – until it’s too late. a) Security b) Storage c) Scalability d) All of the mentioned 9. The number one cloud computing and data security issue facing companies today is… The lack of understanding that they are already in the cloud and they should have already been protecting themselves accordingly. These remote servers aren’t floating up in the clouds though; they are located in data centers and accessed via the Internet. A. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Security concerns C. Too many platforms D. Accessibility ANS: B. ... What is the number one concern about cloud computing? One way is to use authentication techniques such as user names and passwords. CLOUD COMPUTING Multiple Choice Questions and Answers :-1. A. Google B. Amazon C. Blackboard D. Microsoft Blackboard 4 Corporate data centers B. Another is to employ an authorization format -- each user can access only the data … What is the number one concern about cloud computing? Cloud computing is a popular option for people and businesses for a number of reasons including cost savings, increased productivity, speed and … For the longest time, the lack of resources/expertise was the number one voiced cloud challenge. What is the number one concern about cloud computing? Most cloud computing services fall into four broad categories: infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), serverless and software as a service (SaaS). a. There are several instances and situations, again depending on context, when it is not. Cloud computing, cost savings and the financial picture: from CapEx to OpEx. ICT.doc - _IS 1.What is the number one concern about cloud computing Too expensive Security concerns Too many platforms Accessibility 2.Google Docs is a Public cloud – Also commonly referred to as infrastructure as a service (IaaS), public cloud services from Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and other telcos and service providers are perhaps the most visible type of cloud computing. Computer Networks and Cloud Computing. Not all clouds are the same and not one type of cloud computing is right for everyone. In a large organization, there are a number of processes that are taking place simultaneously. Cloud Computing. Security concerns C. Too many platforms D. Accessability B. Many organizations found this out the hard way during early implementations around cloud computing. | Cloud Computing A. Newer Post Older Post Home. Abuse of Cloud … Risk is tricky. Cloud computing has been around for more than a decade. What is Cloud Computing replacing? As cloud technologies rapidly mature, they offer enterprises a number of different deployment options. The cloud data has led to an increase in the number of data breach incidences by the enterprise’s employees and partners, which may be due to sheer negligence or intentional means. Expensive personal computer hardware C. Expensive software upgrades D. All of the above Ans:D 2. Cloud computing allows you to focus on your core business. Security risks of cloud computing have become the top concern in 2018 as 77% of respondents stated in the referred survey. Cloud computing is most certainly revolutionizing the way small-medium businesses (SMBs), and companies in general, use IT. A service that concentrates on hardware follows the _____ as a Service model. Cloud computing may be a little bit like the Wild West, where the rules are made up as you go, and you hope for the best, but it's here to stay. Which of the following is most important area of concern in cloud computing ? You pay for what you need. Too expensive B. Cloud computing is the practice of using a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet to store, manage, and process data, rather than a local server or a personal computer. Cloud computing is going all together for a different look as it now includes different data types like emails, contracts, images, blogs, etc. An employee of a big firm would face the requirement of a lot of data in order to perform his daily activities in a well defined manner. Imagine a flower shop with twenty employees. These are sometimes called the cloud computing stack because they build on top of one another. A. Public cloud IaaS workloads will experience 60% fewer security incidents than traditional data centers by 2020. Once it’s grown beyond just a handful of employees, an organization needs a way of sharing information. Cloud Computing / September 14, 2016 September 14, 2016 / 2 minutes of reading / Leave a Comment This post provides you a myriad collection of questions along with their answers on Cloud Computing quizzes, Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), True/False with reasoning, Fill in the Blank and Matching the options questions. Typical concerns surrounding cloud computing ... has to provide individuals with access to their data and carry out individual's requests if the data is in the cloud. Security concerns C. Too many platforms 100% of the respondents of a recent survey feel that employees are the biggest threat to data breaches. Security Threats On Cloud Computing Vulnerabilities, a report by the East Carolina University, reviews the threats of malware injections on cloud computing and states that “malware injection attack has become a major security concern in cloud computing systems.” 5. The risk concern is either “that there is unauthorised access to sensitive or restricted information, or the cloud provider is unable to provide access to information as a result of disruption to their own operations”. A. The amount of data increasing day by day and cloud computing is requiring new and efficient data types to store them. In most cases, SMBs are able to access new technology and more resources without the premium price it … Too expensive B. In 2018 however, security inched ahead. Cloud computing has in fact allowed businesses to access high-end technology and information at an affordable cost. However, architecture and cloud ... or jitter. What is the number one concern about cloud computing? What is the number one concern about cloud computing? In the latest report, Q2 2018, cloud computing was identified as the number one emerging threat. Security concerns Google Docs is a type of cloud computing True Which one of these is not a cloud computing pricing model Ladder Which of these is not a major type of cloud computing usage Hardware as a service An Internet connection is necessary for cloud computing interaction True “Cloud” in cloud computing … The person who takes phone orders needs access to the store’s customer list, as do the delivery person and the bookkeeper. As mentioned previously, one of the most often mentioned benefits and at the same time one of the most common myths about cloud computing is that it is (always) “cheaper”. 18. 8. One benefit of using cloud computing services is that firms can avoid the upfront cost and complexity of owning and maintaining their own … Point out the wrong statement : First, you need to determine the type of cloud deployment, or cloud computing architecture, that your cloud services will be implemented on. IT firms are adopting and selling Given that cloud security has been a top concern for some time, it may be surprising that banking had the most cloud activity in 2013, which would seem to indicate that at least one sector that deals with highly sensitive customer information has had a great deal of confidence in security provided by cloud providers for some time. Cloud computing statistics show security is one of the main concerns for companies, and it does appear they’ve taken precautions. There’s no escaping this one. Blog Archive. Cloud Computing is a more advanced way of handling the daily operations of a firm when compared with the previous methods.

what is the number one concern about cloud computing

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