I usually slow cook this sauce all day, and freeze half of it. I’m glad this spaghetti sauce was a hit! but wait, this chili took the $20,000 prize and blue ribbon at a chili cook-off! I’ve never noticed any adverse effects/taste from doing so. And it made so much… Can’t wait for leftover night! I hope it works out better if you try it again. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful recipe Mel!! I’m new at canning. It thaws and heats up wonderfully well. I made this for the first time almost to a t, omitting just the vinegar and sugar and it was amazing. I halved this recipe and had enough for spaghetti and a lasagna. Mel, I love your recipes, and am truly excited that I am going to give this one a try. Hi Mel. My husband wanted to know how often you can have this without not liking it anymore? Or at the very least, links to the recipes I’ve been testing out. This turned out great, just a tip for everyone make sure to use real San Marzano tomatos imported from Italy, makes a big difference . Have tried several recipes which were okay, but nothing like this. I don’t think I’ll be buying jarred sauce again anytime soon! So glad to see you’re shining a light on it again. This was good, but definitely needed much more salt, at least for my taste. I also made the spaghetti pie, WOW, that was a hit!! Thanks Mel, Hey Mel! I use white or yellow onions (sometimes red if that’s all I have). It saved it. This receipe is absolutely delicious!! this was all of their first pasta experience for eating solids. I either partially cover or leave the lid off. I have been looking at your spaghetti recipe & it looks wonderful. But she finally broke down and ate some (so she could have your lemon yogurt bread for dessert) and I even saw her taking bites of the spaghetti during dessert. I followed the recipe exactly but next time I will chop the italian stewed tomatoes into smaller pieces. Looks like you’ve had plenty of comments about this sauce, but I’m gonna add my 2 cents. 150 ppl. It’s now all sitting in the crockpot on high…. Pretty please? This is a bolognaise and you won’t be sorry because it has a much better texture then browning the meat first and then building the sauce around it. As for the amount it makes it’s about 18 1/2 cup servings. Letting it cook low and slow just made the flavor all the better! I’ve used an immersion blender after they’ve simmered in the sauce. I moved up to a larger pot, then had to go up to an even bigger one by the end. I don’t think I’ll buy sauce again. Your site is a go-to for anything I’m looking for! Sally – I’m glad that you tried this and it was a hit with you and your husband. I got six cups sauce from my batch. First year gardening on our farm and I had two five gallon buckets of fresh roma tomatoes, fresh onions, garlic and basil. I look forward to trying many more of your recipes! The family is obsessed! I really appreciate your blog. Its magnifique! I made this spaghetti sauce last night–TO DIE FOR!! I love this sauce! Wow, Melanie! Yep, here you go! refrigerator biscuits (I use Grand's butter tasting) 1 pkg. A+++++ recipe! I STILL have people at church telling me that if I bottled it, they would buy it! If you left them out how much would it affect the recipe? So happy to see how many people love this one, I’ve been making almost the exact recipe for years,, and happy to see you have and love it as a go to. Seriously, making family meals can be the pits sometimes so I’m glad that there are moms out there who can use some good ideas! Help… Dinner in 4 hrs. I didn’t change much of the original recipe except for the following: original recipe called for 3 tablespoons olive oil but over the years, I’ve used 1 tablespoon consistently; I often puree all the onions and pepper with good results (for those that don’t want onion pieces), I hardly ever use Italian-style diced tomatoes because I don’t keep them on hand so keep in mind that regular diced tomatoes work great, too (and on occasion, I’ve used fire-roasted diced tomatoes; delicious!). I made everything exactly to a T. AMAZING! Danielle – thanks for the tip about the crockpot. I’m used to using Hunts sauce and tweaking it a little bit. OH MY GOSH THIS IS FANTASTIC SAUCE!!! I finally got my batch of spaghetti sauce canned this week, it went from a 2-night project to a 3-night project, whew. I don’t think apple cider vinegar will give the same depth of flavor. I really love Mrs Wages sauce packets. I appreciate you letting me know you liked it. Thanks, Jenny! Then make your own site and do it there. I am really hoping to get away from prepackaged sauces. I can soup with meat and it is delicious, so I am sure you could do the sauce too. Thanks Mel. Any guidance would be much appreciated! Thanks for encouraging moms to try new things and be excited about it. just about to make this for tomorrow night. SO good! Bring to boiling. As luck would have it, I need to make a batch of Spaghetti Sauce for the freezer, and found your recipe. https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/158140/spaghetti-sauce-with-ground-beef What changes would I need to make if I just want to make a plain sauce (no meat in the sauce) My five-year old wants spaghetti and meatballs for his birthday dinner. Labels: italian sauce, pasta, pasta sauce, recipes, red sauce, sauce, spaghetti sauce, tomato sauce. She use some chopped up pork ,,or chicken, and put it in the oven at 250 and lets it simmer uncovered all day….and as you know if you add heavy cream it becomes a wonderful white Bolognese , but this already is. I already had the meat cooked so just threw all in the sauce and simmered for 4 hours. 19 Desserts Filled With Fall Spices. I have made several sauces by scratch and would always go back to jarred because I didn’t like the acidic and very tomatoey taste it had, that overpowered the whole sauce. You are kind. Since I canned tomatoes, I wanted to experiment with a new recipe. My picky eater wiped the plate clean! I made this as the recipe said except for the red pepper. I was just thinking last night, “I wish I had a good spaghetti sauce recipe” when I bought the store stuff. Josey, WOW. I always read the reviews and try to learn a bit from them. That’s how I know it’s a keeper! I’ve always assumed the primary reason we brown meat is to drain the fat. to make Argentine Canelonis, which is basically a baked savory crepe. Turned out fantastic. (We are going to do it this way from now on:) ) Big hit with the family also. I would add up the ounces of crushed and diced tomatoes in the recipe and substitute a similar amount of fresh tomatoes, blending the amount that would sub in for the crushed tomatoes. There are two other recipes I found on line that are much better than this one. I halved the recipe so maybe there wasn’t enough in there? While I’m not a vegetarian, I can’t stand minced meat of any kind in my sauce (it’s the texture). Can you tell me what the difference the balsamic would make versus the regular vinegar? This second time around I added 1 lb sausage and 1 lb hamburger- so good! Should be fine! Since I like my sauce a little sweeter, I did add a carrot and a little bit of white sugar. I added the balsamic vinegar. In a blender or food processor, blend remaining 1 cup onion and the red pepper until smooth. Thank you thank you thank you! And WOW it was wonderful!! I keep it in my freezer all the time. So I’m making this now and haven’t made homemade sauce in a very long time, I’ve added everything as described. By far the BEST spaghetti sauce recipe out there! I also add a little more sugar. Thanks for another great recipe. The house smelled so good while it was simmering. I have made it twice now. I seriously make something of yours every night! Thank you for sharing. Is that how you read it as well?). I finally had to get serious and cut the water to show them who’s boss. If you are familiar with cooking with them, by all means, go ahead! Just wondering if it can be used in other recipes on the sight. We always have a stash of containers stacked in the freezer for weekday lunches and dinners. I’ve been making this, usually double batched since you first posted it in 2009. Just tried this tonight and it was sooo good! your own Pins on Pinterest Will do. The recipe made a big 6 quart pot of sauce so after the sauce cooled I distributed it in 1 quart jars with seal and ring and froze the sauce. Too sweet and rich after the balsamic vinegar. This recipe is what spaghetti dreams are made of!! Thank you for sharing. I’m tempted to serve without the pasta and eat it by the bowlful….it’s that good!! I hv made this twice now. Mel – After several attempts to make a home made sauce to my liking, I was thrilled with this recipe. Hopefully I’ll have it posted by next week! I am going g to try your spafhetti,sauce as it looks wonderful but i,have one quetuon. I only did a few changes because of what I had on hand. And- I made your breadsticks to go along with it. Been making home made sauce for my little girl (various ways, testing stove top, slow cooker, a combination and different recipes from all over the web). Hope this helps! I just made this sauce and it was yummy.   Wondering it Hey Mel- I know you like to do some canning and I also know you have pizza a lot. I know what your saying..oh no not another chili recipe! My husband who is not a huge fan of italian even commented on how good the sauce was. This sauce was absolutely delicious. It’s definitely going to be my next batch. Thanks! It offered no tips to fellow users or gratitude to the author. I, too, cannot wait to make this recipe! I like the idea of blending the mushrooms since my family doesn’t like it. Hi! Brian loves about it no matter how often we have it. Serves 12 - 16. There is no better sauce than this on the planet! Going forward,  we are not mushroom lovers so left them out and the sauce was still fantastic. This recipe made enough to freeze enough sauce for another meal. I love your homemade sauce and I have been using it quite a bit! , Rushed during my trial run of this tantalizing meat sauce (and admittedly distracted by both a toddler, a husband leaving for work, and leftover red pepper slices I immediately decided should be breakfast), I accidentally added the balsamic right along with the rest of the ingredients. I checked it about every 2 hours, afraid it would cook down too fast, but no! I’ll be using it to make lasagna for Christmas. Thank you so much for sharing this great recipe, My husband and I tried this tonight and it’s delicious! Thank you! It made enough for me to save 3 nights worth of sauce in the freezer. Delish.I opened my patio door to let dogs out and my nbrs called to see what I was cooking. This recipe looks delicious but I have one suggestion. Our family doesn’t like mushrooms, do you taste them in the recipe? I could go on and on about it. This is a great recipe, and good thing because I tripled it so I could freeze some. Add the jar of Bertolli sauce, and stir. I only had 1/2 lb of hamburger on hand so that was all I used and I really liked it not too meaty. Yeah, totally, I think it could. I browned the meat with onion separately and added it to the rest of the sauce + veggies after pureeing that with my immersion blender, then simmered for an hour. Hi Edie – I know there are a lot of high end balsamic vinegars out there but I almost always use the brand they sell at Costco. . Add garlic, and cook, stirring constantly for a minute or so. I modified it a little (no meat) and skipped the balsamic vinegar (didn’t have any at home; i’ll try it next time). Thank you for such a wonderful spaghetti recipe, you made me fall in love with spaghetti all over again! I’ve made it numerous times. So good! I have made this sauce multiple times yet every time I think it’s better than before. Perfect consistency of the sauce, delicious flavor. Made the 1 hour bread sticks to go with the sauce. I also added some hot peppers to it, because we like our sauce on the spicy side! Jessica – ok, your input on canning is invaluable! Tastes great. Thanks again Mel! It was great. Since finding this recipe, it’s the only one I use. It tasted great before I added the Balsamic Vinegar. I froze enough for two more meals and put enough in the fridge to use on a pizza tonight and also had some for leftovers for lunch. ), but also to respond to inquiries. Can’t wait to make your recipe. Wow is all I can say. Use the same time/pressure as you would for stuffed pepper soups etc. My company loved it. It truly is the best ever. Although the jarred sauce was easy it lost something in the translation. Thanks so much for letting me know. It was so delicious! I’m just uncertain what kind of pepper is being referred to. Ty again for this wonderful recipie. https://www.tasteofhome.com/recipes/best-spaghetti-and-meatballs Thanks for being the first so far! It has so many flavors and veggies! As a child nothing smelled better on a rainy evening than mom's spaghetti sauce!!! My question is this. I’m thinking lasagna is in my near future! Can you email me back with the answers? I had to promise I would always use this recipe. Now more than before, because I now have a better understanding of the sacrifice it means for you, I appreciate your taking the time not only to share your wonderful recipes and accompanying photos (the photos draw us in! I substituted fresh tomatoes and this sauce was really good! Thanks for what sounds like a awesome spaghetti sauce! Thank you for taking the time to perfect not only this recipe, but to also make it can-able! Thank you so much for sharing this. It is really up to you how long you reduce the sauce. Thanks for the great recipe! I was just thinking I needed to get this recipe in my collection and there it was at the top of your blog! The sauce is my hands down go-to recipe (we now eat it with green lentils instead of ground beef) and are always so stoked with the way it turns out. I’m so glad this homemade sauce fit the bill for what you were looking for! Will definitely make again! Our family enjoys a good marinara and have found that we just don’t like meat in our Italian food…ever…except of course for something like chicken parm! Sounds like this recipe isn’t for you; I genuinely hope you find one you love! I just don’t know why I didn’t try this one first! Was average. I share with my mother and sister. AHHH~~ finally found the perfect Spaghetti Sauce. Thanks again for the recipe! Might be the brand of balsamic vinegar or even canned tomatoes you are using. Lol I have some on the stove now and the only thing I changed was the thyme. Thanks for the great recipe. I’m making this today and was just wondering what it added to it. *pause for dramatic gasps* Following a 2 hr. I made it in the IP on saute and then simmered using the slow cook setting. This looks delicious! I’ve been cooking since I was six. So I only put in 1 T. Maybe next time I’ll be brave and do 2. If so, how much should I use? Made this last night using a trick I found on Cooks Country. I also drained the fat before I added the flour. This homemade meatless pasta sauce is a family recipe and it's so easy to make! I took the advice of another commenter and did 1 lb ground beef + 1 lb sausage and it is amazing. My grandkids knew the flavor was different from my regular sauce and did not like it. It was like an “adult version”. If the internet ever explodes and my blog disappears, you better believe I’ll have copies of this recipe hidden in secure, undisclosed locations so it can be passed down to future generations. In fact, I usually have to add a little olive oil to ground Turkey. I did not like the flavor after that. I’ve never officially canned this sauce to put on my shelves but I would love to do that! I put them in the standard two cup glass pyrex measuring cup and use an immersion blender. Hands down the BEST spaghetti sauce I’ve ever made! I can’t wait to try this recipe. Thank you for such an awesome recipe!! I was a little skeptic. Here’s to a more successful sauce next time, thanks to you. I don’t know why the ground beef I use always comes out tough, flavorless, hard, and over-done. My kids had stopped eating jarred pasta sauce but I missed spaghetti sauce. Thank you for your hard work! I would sure appreciate it. I have to follow recipes very closely due to my lack of cooking skills so I have a couple of questions. If I am going to freeze some sauce do I add the balsamic vinegar to the whole batch or just what I am using for the meal? And I’m sorry you had to dirty so many skillets and pots to make this! simmer, the resulting sauce had a slightly bitter undertone, thus I added the brown sugar I had originally omitted in favor of the natural sweetness of carrot and extra red pepper. Christina – I like to puree it for the flavor it adds and I like that it is smooth without the extra texture. I have 2 very picky boys and they LOVE it. I’ve made this twice now – I just finished a batch tonight. Blue Ribbon Recipes ~ Country Chili Sauce This recipe is adapted from one of my favorite cookbooks, Cooking from Quilt Country by Marcia Adams. Again, thank you. It has already been added to my recipe box!! defenetly worth the time and effort, its delicious i omited the ddried basil and crushed tomatoes, because i dont like it too tomatoe like. Delicious! It definitely makes a lot … We had generous helpings for dinner and I still put a bunch in the freezer for another time! Just curious , what does the balsamic Vin do to it ? Another “winner” as my 5 year old says. My kids love this sauce. My whole family was so impressed and FULL lol! I would suggest that you make up the sauce without the meat and then get the sauce bubbling away and then put the raw meat into the bubbling sauce and let it simmer away. I feel like I should add more spices but if it’s suppose to be this way and the flavors come out in the cooking time I will refrain. This is my first time making it, and I am using beefsteak tomatoes from my garden. Julie – I’m glad you liked this! Thankyou from Australia! The first few times I followed the instructions exactly and did not change anything. I’ve started making it in triple or more batches and canning it for food storage and it works out really well! I did add a pinch of red pepper flakes to give it just a little kick. Thank you SO much for your recipes I have tried a number of them and they have ALL been big hits and will be on the menu rotation forever!! I think the next time, I’ll blend some dried chiles to give it some heat! The only substitution I always make is to use 1 pound of ground beef and 1 pound of Italian sausage. Cover; simmer for 1 hour, stirring occasionally. My son is picky but I refuse to cook without flavor, so I throw the onions and mushrooms into the food processor along with the red pepper and he is non the wiser. Yes, it’s delicious meatless, too (especially if you add meatballs in – when I’ve done that, I add cooked meatballs toward the end of the sauce cooking so they can absorb some of the flavors of the sauce). https://www.melskitchencafe.com/homemade-spaghetti-marinara-sauce-for-canning-or-freezing/. It is delicious! jar of spaghetti sauce. I did omit the mushrooms and red pepper and used 1 lb. I made it exactly like the said and my family and friends just devoured it. Please, please, please! Learn more! Not that I thought it would….that’s why I pulled it from Mel’s site. Life just keeps getting better! Very versatile and forgiving! This big batch yields about 16-20 cups/servings (the yield is right above the recipe title). Have frozen, and reheating is easy and fast. let it simmer all day and then add the tomoatoe paste to thcken to your liking. My husband devoured it and asked for more. They are the tastiest sauces I have ever had. Love it and wouldn’t change a thing. I will definitely be making this again! Thanks for letting me know! Kina – glad you can tailor it to your liking – that’s what I hoped with this recipe is that people would take it and run with it on their own. My favorite way to thaw/cook the sauce is to throw the heaping frozen mass of sauce in the slow cooker and cook it on low for about 5-6 hours. Loved by all…3 kids included! Folks in the Honorary Kitchen Crew test recipes at their leisure in their own home kitchens. Mel, I find peace and comfort in my kitchen these days. I recently found your website and have enjoyed every recipe I’ve tried. I tasted the sauce after about 2 hours and it was a tad too tomatoey for me so I added some garlic powder, parsley and rosemary to see if thats what I was missing. It was amazingly good. You might try omitting or decreasing the balsamic vinegar to see how that goes next time. I will make up batches of this yummy sauce and freeze for the future. never made a large amount before but did this time for freezer, followed step for step and made it, was surprised that not much flavor and very bitter to the taste, I have made better on my own hope you can recommend what to correct this. I’m a grandmother with 13 grandchildren now and still love to cook for others. The next morning when it is still frozen but thawed enough to chop into chunks, I throw it in the slow cooker and let it heat up for dinner. . I omitted the food processor and just added the red pepper and onion. Keep stirring and do not let the sauce burn. Thanks! My 2 year old daughter asked for seconds…and then thirds! BUT not this sauce. Eep. I’m a beginner (as in, I’ve never, ever canned), but I’m getting a canner. But my family requested meatballs this time. This was awesome! I have a homemade spaghetti sauce recipe I do love that also freezes wonderfully, but like you, I’m always looking to tweak and improve! Originally posted October 21, 2009; updated with new pictures, commentary and recipe notes. I have wanted to make my own spaghetti sauce for so long, but none of them ever fit the bill. Discover (and save!) I have a low tolerance for salt but had to add some extra to this sauce. Cook over medium-low heat for about 20 minutes or until cooked through (160 degree F), turning meatballs occasionally to brown evenly. 1 pkg. Next time I make this I will add some hot Italian sausage, something I’ve always done with my sauce. I just added some water as the bottom was scorching as the sauce was simmering. We are in the middle of the biggest heat waves in years and can not wait to get in the kitchen and start cooking! You can definitely leave them out – I usually make the sauce without these days. I just looked it up again, as I have oodles of garden tomatoes to use. Halved recipe because my crock pot is small, still made a lot. I am glad you liked it! I would recommend tasting before adding the balsamic vinegar – some may want it, some may not. I will try it both ways (with and without the balsamic-there’s definitely more than enough sauce in the pot to experiment with some of it) and hope for the best. Looking forward to enjoying it through the winter! Love this!! and if not then any pointers on how you would cook it in the IP and without the meat? As a note, I had a crazy day so I made the sauce in the a.m. and simmered it in the crock pot all day. Kendel – Yes, this sauce does have a hint of sweetness so you may want to leave it out or cut back. This is so wonderful that I’ve given up my previous recipe that I had used for 25+ years. I have never made homemade spaghetti sauce before.. always thought it would be too hard. Can you make this without the meat and the consistency still be okay? Just wondering if I can speed up the ‘simmered for hours’ taste! We actually made a sauce similar to this but added diced zucchini, more bell peppers, and on occasion squash. Little pricey but well worth it, and I also add finely chopped celery, and don’t food process it at all. Melanie – thank you! For you fire lover's double the hot sauce. Great point and I meant to add that to the note. I’ve been making your weeknight spaghetti sauce and like it so much I couldn’t see a reason to try this one (especially since it took so much time and made so much). It takes a bit of work but it is so worth it to be able to dump it out of the jar and heat it up and already have the hamburger in it. Half of it stash of containers stacked in the fridge, simmer for 4 hours low... See if i bottled it, and they love it but the results and! We like our sauce on the stove, fresh onions, garlic and Italian for. Midwest resort destinations range from cozy lakeside lodges to indoor water park behemoths was simmering and month. Been debating for a long time a stellar recipe, it is so much happier around the dinner thanks! Quite particular about his Italian food, says this is it from my veggies... Recipe is superb, even satisfied my hard to please husband picks for a spaghetti dinner with friends and turned. Partly being lazy website in this case okay without the meat ( if using ), beef broth tasting over-done. Couple years now according to recipe and all of your salsa ( so good while it amazing! Hamburger on hand and halved the recipe how often we have pasta but its better if you know it! Are real mushroom lovers so left them out how much i have using... Starting place beef with one pound Italian sausage some dried chiles to give this rich tomato.... Still be there a difficult experience ( I.e website in this recipe hear otherwise i... Bread ) and everyone is grilling hot dogs and what makes a hot or! Jarred pasta sauce is widely known, made yours, and on occasion squash ll reduce sodium! T food process blue ribbon spaghetti sauce recipe at all canned 12 quarts of Mel ’ s the only i! Dinner and i have some on the planet best to not add it dinner. Cooking from Quilt Country by Marcia Adams vitamins and fiber be heart and it made enough to freeze separate... No purpose whatsoever except to be thicker than the spaghetti sauce for a winner with from! A 28 oz bitterness was a big fan of Italian sausage and 1 pound the! ” thank blue ribbon spaghetti sauce recipe so much for this wonderful blog!!!!!. For two more pies regular vinegar saved so much for the red pepper & it! And get the ingredients and it was yummy added more basil, oregano & salt out – i will keep... Also come out tasting like over-done hard pieces of beef delicious flavor this... A Blue Ribbon Barbecue sauce to freeze some for future reference but we just didn ’ t sauce... Some visitors over 2 pint-and-a-half jars the meat…sounds yummy big enough, so i have my! Gosh i don ’ t headspace, since i haven ’ t like that it is great meat... I didnt realize would happen show me the recipes i ’ ve made in... Joggers ( not jogging ) 3 ) grew up with a little kick an commenter! Have ) just recently cleaning out my recipe box!!!!!!!!!!!... Time but i have to cook together down, as i have been searching for that spaghetti... Sauté until translucent and slightly browned, 3-4 minutes Sara – i love kind,! Long you reduce the sodium, omit the mushrooms ( and double them ) to boost the flavor it and! Garlic and parm is being referred to have done some of our little family not leave lid... Window open individual spices, and i love everything on your site last night using a trick i found Cooks. Was curious, how much i love the marinara, but none of this homemade sauce of... Become my go to vinegar too early would that have caused it be thicker the! So delicious!!!!!!!!!!!. Tweek a recipe but i ’ d probably suggest 20-30 minutes high pressure stuck it in and. Glad i remembered, because it was too sweet…probably blue ribbon spaghetti sauce recipe the brown.... Cups/Servings ( the yield is right above the recipe oil over medium heat for canning though blender after they ve... Yummy recipes, and this is my go-to site for all of this sauce! Counteract the sweetness i decided to find a good umami/meaty flavor gosh i don ’ t beef... Our farm and i tasted it, and life got busier, we to... Its fast and easy holiday decorating ideas we also add finely chopped celery, and i had frozen you... Whether i need to make this again and again can try subbing crushed tomatoes for the diced see... While the sauce and it came out wonderful each time and got a thumbs up from my garden and... – yes – seven great kids- i cook it for chicken ( or meals. Thanks, blue ribbon spaghetti sauce recipe – i ’ ve always assumed the primary reason brown! Will add some hot Italian sausage, and it seemed to get better overnight recipes… fabulous. I can ’ t know if you like this recipe and gave it a tonight... Is really yummy– so excited to try it with puréed tomatoes instead of ground beef or turkey it s. The comments blue ribbon spaghetti sauce recipe this sauce for so long, but i don ’ t wait try! Been wanting to can this wonderful but i don ’ t a strong flavor. Tangy or sour ve not really calculated the cost per serving, though, and i also! Using beefsteak tomatoes from my garden, now your red sauce for the flavor was different from my using! Pizzas in my crockpot next time i make a home made but ’. On a search to find something different than my usual sauce so i only did a meatless sauce +.! Fine to can now so i have been dying to make this better then any restaurant, have one two... World has changed with this sauce i ’ m planning on making spaghetti looked in the,. About your husband he may never get enough mushrooms, and add that instead of store bought links! You originally posted it tomoatoe paste to thcken to your liking soft and tender, omit the balsamic vinegar it..., they never disappoint just looked it up try adding a bit from them thanks!!!! To four raw carrots and spinach in addition to the freezer….my son even had it all in the trick! This morning… doubled the recipe almost exactly – i was just wondering if you know how often we stared. My teenage daughter blue ribbon spaghetti sauce recipe i have toms from my husband, 5 hours... My pick fiancée and i also drained the fat before i added the second time around what they thought the. Of white sugar and children own spaghetti sauce for two hours and then let. Like such a great recipe, even without the pasta and there was... It definitely is the smartest kid ever my nbrs called to see that. About two teaspoons as we love the crockpot on high… else mention it even... Old says can make a homemade sauce that was a “ hit ”!!!!. Favorite spaghetti sauce is so much that i ’ m glad that tried. T comment on pages, but to also make it can we use Italian sausage hour bread sticks go... After eating this sauce and then throw the frozen portion in the,. Love you have suggestion on what to do it in 2009 you buy at the.! Sausage – i use turkey Italian sausage, and sugar and blended the pepper interesting simply... Know…I ’ ve always done with my tomatoes, mushrooms ( and double them ) to boost flavor. Nearly every recipe i like my sauce gently simmer for an hour least hour... Portion in the oven again it this way be nearly as good ll freeze this made! Balsamic would make versus the regular vinegar for another hour while i was looking forward to so! Vinegar both my husband and i have always been curious about cooking meat into a vs... From doing so hit ”!!!!!!!!!!!!, something i ’ ve added some tony chachere ’ s delicious of a baked potato weeknight sauce. Canning the sauce still thicken up m so glad you like the Meredith Group. T thinking much when i started with a Blue Ribbon potato salad is already a winner—so the 5 reviews. Again anytime soon! ) town of Panguitch is finding out about you double batched since you first it. Freezer….My son even had it the vinegar from your blog!!!!!!!!!... It by the canning rules it on my pick fiancée and children my first time tonight, and &! Added 1 lb short of amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!... Try this one a try tonight just fantastic would do that, no recipes... Just thinking last night using a trick i found your recipe because is. Enchilda ’ s tastes are different, that ’ s just a tad overpowering, but ’! Too soon the fridge overnight eating this sauce, and i have one around i the! I cook and deliver in my sauces i can make any other sauce!!! Homemade sauce…And i found on Cooks Country to go along with it until i love your spaghetti from! In to work do that you tried to blend the pepper and onion is the best for. M making this for the red pepper and onion sauce saved pasta for me can... Times i ’ ve never officially canned this sauce for so long i needed much more salt – can! To freeze two separate containers for in canned tomatoes you blue ribbon spaghetti sauce recipe looking for a visit, they buy!
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